Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Integra Healthcare Ltd is seeking an experienced Obstetrician & Gynaecologist to join our very busy practice here on the lovely island of Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean. You’d be working alongside our existing obstetrician & gynaecolgist, the lovely and highly experienced, Dr Lisa Joels, as well as a highly professional team, including individuals trained in tertiary neonatal medicine.

It’s an opportunity to re-establish a sense of purpose in medicine by returning to delivering both care and a service that you are proud of, and that patients truly value and appreciate. For an experienced professional with the right capability, the work is as varied and interesting as the people themselves. If you have been thinking of a change that encompasses interesting work at a sensible pace, alongside far better work-life balance, a high standard of living and exceptional terms & conditions, then we invite you to discover a little more…

About the Post

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The Role & Primary Requirements

We are looking for an experienced obstetrician & gynaecologist who is seeking the right balance between a stimulating, busy work life, a very favorable level of remuneration and great work-life balance. Crucial to us is finding the right team member, with the right attitude, so if the team around you is just as important to you, we think we might get on just fine. Whereas we have a degree of flexibility over professional credentials, there are a few things that are essential:


  • 3+ years post-CCT experience (requirement for registration in Cayman Islands)
  • Loves practical, hands-on obstetric care
  • Equally competent & comfortable in gynaecology too
  • Values-driven, and aligned with ours (Excellence, Integrity, Commitment & Passion)
Role Complexity & Nature of Work

We are very keen to find someone who has a broad range of capabilities across both obstetrics and gynaecology. The competencies you have will obviously have a bearing on the complexity of your work but in any event, as an island, good clinicians tend to attract interesting work.


A Perspective from Dr Sara Watkin, Director & Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

I am a tertiary neonatologist, coming from one of the UK’s premier services that accepted a very complex caseload. Consequently, here, I not only provide paediatrics and neonatal care for private patients, but also act as the go-to neonatologist for the Government too, when it comes to complex or very preterm infants. Coming from my tertiary background, one of my original concerns was whether I might be short of intellectually-stimulating work. Reality is that I actually have more variety and definitely enough complexity because there aren’t multiple ‘units’ with big teams and lots of juniors to spread it over. I have also loved returning to fully hands-on clinical medicine. The variety is wonderful.



In terms of this appointment, we aren’t unduly concerned whether someone is busy DGH or tertiary in background, as each will produce an interesting caseload. What’s more important is the spread between obstetrics and gynaecology. IF you happen to have tertiary capability, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself becoming a reference clinician for the unusual cases, alongside the more bread and butter ones. If you are more busy DGH in background, you’ll find yourself with a very nice variety of more mainstream cases.

Obstetrics is currently under-served on the island and currently the rate of sections is too high, a function of individuals moving to section very early. An obstetrician who is keen to support mums wanting a normal vaginal delivery but ready to step to section when necessary will do very well here. All sections here are attended by a paediatrician, a small quirk of the island.



  • Active, hands-on, confident labour suite practice
  • Confident in routine gynaecology
  • Confident in performing colposcopy
  • 3 years post-CCT experience, which is a licensing criteria for Cayman Islands



Abilities in hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery would certainly be useful. We are also happy to explore with individuals how their own career experiences and skills might work here and reflect in the caseload. For instance, if someone happened to have urogynaecology experience, there’s definitely an under-served need.

Essentially, if you are interested in exploring the role, and you have the essential criteria, then we are very happy to discuss suitability and likely caseload.

Remuneration, Terms & Conditions

Obviously this will be influenced by experience and skill sets but we can definitely set some parameters that will help you evaluate the opportunity. We are somewhat unique on the island by remunerating our doctors with a robust salary to start, rather than a limited one. Additionally, we further remunerate based on a share of billed revenue (which is completely standard on the island). As a starting point, the following is a reliable guide:

  • Basic salary of not less than $150,000 KYD per annum (equates to £140,000 GBP) and likely around $240,000 KYD depending on experience
  • Significant additional billing-related annual earnings after period of getting established (we can elaborate to the interested)
  • Full indemnity cover (robust Lloyds cover)
  • All work permit fees (medical work permits are $13,650 per annum)
  • Health insurance (Generali Worldwide)
  • Pension as required by law (do not get excited by this but see below)
  • Holiday and Study Leave

Cayman Islands are a tax free jurisdiction. Consequently, for professional grades of staff, saving into a pension is no more tax-beneficial than any other savings or investment strategy. However, a pension is a requirement of the law at the level of 5% employee and 5% employer contributions, up to a maximum annual salary of $87,000 per annum.

We are aware that remuneration is CONSIDERABLE compared to the UK, even before the tax free status is considered. However, we want to be abundantly clear that we are looking for individuals motivated by what the work and life represent and who wish, like us, to work hard and consequently enjoy a robust financial return alongside a very nice work-life balance. If we get any sense someone is coming ‘just’ for the money, that’s a screen out for us. However, we are absolutely certain that remuneration will not be a barrier to anybody!

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Informal Discussion

If you would like an informal discussion about the role, please feel free to reach out to any of the following.

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

I am also one of the two practice owners/directors.

Dr Lisa Joels

Dr Lisa Joels

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

I would be your fellow obstetrician & gynaecologist.

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)

I am the other practice owner/director.

Covid-free Environment

The Cayman Islands has taken a vigorous approach to containment, track & trace and quarantine of returning individuals. We currently remain closed to tourists, and recently the Cayman Islands Government too a decision to extend its closure to cruise ships until 2021. We are one of the few locations in the World right now in which you can work safely, without undue concern.

About Integra

Integra Healthcare Ltd is a rapidly growing practice for all of the right reasons. Built around the principles of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment & Passion, it translates, with zero hype, into a working environment that is second to none, alongside terms & conditions that the majority regard as the very the best.


Modern, bright facilities


Investment in the right equipment


Situated in beautiful Grand Pavilion


Enviable reputation with patients


Quality, high value medical indemnity cover


Highest possible standards in financial integrity


First class electronic patient record system


Staff conditions, holiday & support second to none


Success is shared

Application for Post

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