Covid Rapid Tests at Integra

“Rapidly… as they should be”

Convenience & Reassurance for our Patients

With lots of coughs, colds and normal bugs around at the moment, we understand that many people want the reassurance to know they do not have Covid-19. The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) Rapid Test, also known as an Antigen Test or Lateral Flow Test, is widely used in UK and USA for this purpose. We are delighted to now have this test available in Integra for our patients, which for many will avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of the PCR test, when they have no reason to suspect they might have Covid but wish to be sure.

Paediatricians in Grand Cayman


Integra is a modern, clean, high quality multi-specialty clinic. We are not a Covid Test Centre. We have stringent protocols and policies in place to ensure our practice remains a safe place to visit. If you are seeking Covid-19 testing because you believe you may have Covid or have come into direct contact with someone who may have Covid, you need to use one of the Covid Test Centres (Camana Bay, Doctors Hospital or HSA) or call the Flu Hotline on 345-947-3077 and be directed accordingly.


Integra already has enhanced measures in place to ensure that all patients visiting our clinic are handled with safety in mind, both for you and us.

And now we are enhancing safety still further. The availability of rapid testing now allows us to test our own team with a higher frequency than previously, so that you can have the added reassurance when using Integra that you are being taken care of by a team that takes your safety very seriously indeed. It’s the least we can do in an uncertain world. Safety… as it should be.

Integra Rapid Test Services

Our Rapid Test Service is for patients who want the added security of knowing they can breathe easy because they don’t have Covid-19. Almost everybody has respiratory or illness symptoms from time to time – coughs, colds, occasional flu, bugs and even just fatigue. Normally, we ignore them. In the Covid era, however unlikely, it’s also perfectly normal to want the reassurance of ruling out Covid as the cause. We can now help you do just that with a simple Rapid Test.

Booking a Rapid Test is very easy. You may do it online or by calling the clinic on (345) 745 7450. There are two versions: WITH ILLNESS SYMPTOMS and WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. Please select the appropriate version below.


This service is provided along with a normal consultation with your doctor, so that you may receive the Rapid Test and have the most likely cause of your symptoms diagnosed, along with any care advice, monitoring guidance and any medication prescriptions as appropriate. It is essentially a normal sickness appointment with the added benefit of the Rapid Test. This will be charged as a normal sickness appointment, with your normal insurance arrangements, but will have an additional $50 KYD self-pay charge for the Rapid Test (which currently is not covered by insurance).

ADULTS: Please book with Dr Francisco Martinez

CHILDREN: Please book your child with your regular paediatrician


This service is provided by our screening nurse team, as an independent service, designed for those without any symptoms of illness, purely as a self-pay screening check. It is NOT designed for people believing they might have Covid, where PCR testing remains the correct approach, as guided by the flu hotline on 947-3077.

This service will attract a $50 KYD self-pay charge for the Rapid Test only (which currently is not covered by insurance).

ALL PATIENTS: Please book with the screening Nurse

What does a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE test mean?


Rapid tests are very accurate but the Gold Standard for confirmation of Covid status remains the PCR test. If you have a positive test result from a Rapid Test, it means you most likely have the Covid virus. What we would then do is refer you into a PCR testing facility for final confirmation of that. It is vital that you, and members of your immediate household, immediately isolate until you know the result of the PCR test, as guided by Public Health.


Rapid tests have been shown to be extremely accurate at confirming you haven’t got Covid at the time of testing. It is obviously important to monitor for changes in your health status and emerging signs or symptoms of Covid because any test is limited to the point in time it is conducted.


Adults: Please book with Dr Martinez

Children: Please book with your normal paediatrician or simply pick one!

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Sarah Newton

Dr Sarah Newton

Specialist General Paediatrician & Newborn Care

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)


Approval of Rapid Tests in Cayman Islands

Rapid Tests were approved by the Chief Medical Officer and announced in a press release on 6th October 2021. Test quality and reliability is very important to Integra Healthcare Ltd. We are using tests with the following characteristics:

  • Fully approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Sensitivity exceeds the minimum standard set by the Chief Medical Officer
  • Specificity exceeds the minimum standard set by the Chief Medical Officer
  • Results are generally available in around 10-15 minutes following processing the test

Press Release – Lateral Flow Tests Introduced


Each test works essentially the same way but there are minor variations between tests. The following is a typical process:

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