Covid Immunity, The Variants, The Vulnerable & The Vaccination

Covid Immunity, The Variants, The Vulnerable & The Vaccination


October 18, 2022    
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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George Town Yacht Club
612B North Sound Road, George Town, Grand Cayman

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About the Event Programme

This short CME programme is designed to provide practical and actionable insight for GPs and other clinical professionals guiding or advising patients through the ever evolving Covid-19 landscape. Covid-19 continues to impact our lives and yet remains a disease that is largely only partially understood, continues to evolve and clearly varies significantly from variant to variant.

More recently, world leaders, scientists, public health professionals, FDA, WHO and more all warn of the dangerous impacts of Covid-complacency, with a high profile Canadian Chief Medical Officer stating “I am concerned that over the past few months we have collectively become too complacent and unconcerned about COVID.” Many are concerned that is now adversely impact vaccination programmes just as we gain access to second generation drugs targeted at the latest variants. In Cayman, we have a booster rate of only 37% and waning immunity.

With fewer restrictions on travel and reduced protective measures, we are having to learn to live with Covid-19 in our society, not hide from it. That’s important economically. Equally important is ensuring we do not suffer the effects of Covid-complacency, and as trusted healthcare professionals we are responsible for guiding our patients in their health choices, so they are safe and informed.

We are privileged to have Professor Andrew Shaw from University of Exeter on Island in October. He is an authority on Covid-19 immunity (and immunity in general) and how this relates to the emerging variants. It’s an opportunity to gain a depth of knowledge that can support evidence-based guidance for patients, and for us as a profession to debate some of the challenges we face in keeping our population safe.

6.10pm     Introduction

6.15pm     Understanding Covid immunity & how it relates to recent variants
Professor Andrew Shaw, Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Exeter, and CEO of Attomarker Ltd

7.00pm     New variants & children
Dr Siobhan Jaques, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Integra Healthcare Ltd

7.15pm     Panel Discussion & Debate

Stimulating more boosting

  • 3rd & 4th Doses
  • Key groups – the young & the vulnerable
  • Challenging groups – the sceptical & the post-covids

The evolving role, or not, of antibody testing

  • How, where and on whom is it being used?
  • Challenges still to address
  • Useful data or unhelpful distraction?

7.45pm     Closing Remarks

Practical Information

Venue: George Town Yacht Club
Food arrangements: Dinner will be provided, Drinks available at bar
Event Cost: This event is fully funded by Integra Healthcare Ltd
CME Certificates will be available

Profile of Professor Andrew Shaw

Chief Scientific Officer & CEO of Attomarker Ltd, UK
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Exeter (Biosciences)

Professor Andrew Shaw is Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at Exeter University and founder of Attomarker Ltd, an entrepreneurial and multi-award-winning start up in biomarker diagnostics, with a specific focus on Point-of-Care testing.

He is a prolific researcher at the interface of technology advances that can be used in clinical care and public health. This has led to the development and release of blood biomarker point-of-care technology vertically integrated into the cloud. This technology and diagnostic approach facilitates diagnosis and intervention, one patient at a time, but with automated aggregation of the population-level data to support public health policy and programmes to various diseases. His research has resulted in more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and book publications.

His focus in recent years on immunology with respect to Covid-19 and its variants has led to ground-breaking advances in understanding individual responses, a missing link to both personalised medicine and in understanding how two patients, similar in almost every respect, can develop such different responses to a disease like Covid-19, in likelihood of infection, response to infection and even predisposition to sequalae like long covid. As a highly respected University scientist, he is also adept at taking complex subjects and transforming them into practical and actionable understanding. In a disease that is so rapidly evolving, that robust baseline will be invaluable to physicians trying to guide patients around their health security and choices.

We are privileged to support Professor Shaw in sharing his insights and helping us all build our understanding of Covid-19 immunity, antibodies, variants and more.


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