Increased Strep A Infections in Children: What You Need To Know

Recent articles from The Times and the BBC revealed that several families in the UK have already tragically suffered loss of their children with the death toll for Strep A reportedly rising to seven since September 2022. Four-year-old Camila Rose Burns’ family asking the public for prayers as their daughter battles an intense infection of Strep A and has been placed on a ventilator and are also pleading for parents to get their children checked for Strep A if they feel their children, particularly young children are showcasing any symptoms.

A Plea to Parents

Camila’s parents along with several other families of children who have died or were seriously ill due to Strep A in the UK are now also speaking out about the symptoms of Strep A that their children experienced, in hopes of helping other parents to be able to spot if their child has these and seek medical attention immediately.

The Signs and Symptoms

Some of the symptoms reported by the parents included:

  • Rash
  • Chest pains
  • Black vomit
  • Heart murmur and strong pain in legs

Infectious disease paediatrician Prof Beate Kampmann also added some other symptoms that parents should be mindful of that child with Strep A when they were first infected including:

  • High fever
  • Sore throat
  • Very red tongue

There were also reports of some of the children looking to have seemingly gotten better at first but then their symptoms reappeared and intensified. Six out of the seven children who have died were believed to have had the more intense and invasive infection of Group A streptococcal disease (iGAS). Normally in winters, the total number of children that have this is around one or two. GOV.UK defines iGAS as:

“a bacterium which can colonise the throat, skin and anogenital tract.”

iGas can cause several other respiratory infections. Therefore, it is also important for parents to observe if their child has symptoms similar to infections including tonsillitis, pneumonia or scarlet fever.

We understand this can be scary news to you as parents, especially those travelling to the UK for the holidays. At Integra, we are committed to providing quality care and are committed to helping you and your children. Our paediatric team is one of the largest on island and with highly experienced and respected doctors. If you are concerned about your child, please get in touch below. We’re here for you.

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