Integra Healthcare Joins Forces with Doctors Hospital

Integra Healthcare Joins Forces with Doctors Hospital

6 May, 2022

Integra Healthcare Joins Forces with Doctors Hospital to Create Cayman’s Most Comprehensive Private Healthcare Group

GRAND CAYMAN – May 6th, 2022 – Doctors Hospital (“DH”) has announced its acquisition of Integra Healthcare Ltd with a view to co-developing next-generation healthcare for patients in Cayman. DH and Integra share a commitment to evidence-based medicine delivered by leading tertiary medical and nursing staff. Under the Doctors Hospital umbrella, the combined group will work towards developing a seamless approach to clinical healthcare, including primary care, specialist care, diagnostics, and more.  

Dr Yaron Rado, Chief Radiologist and Chairman of the Board for Doctors Hospital, explained, “Our deep Cayman roots spanning more than two decades have provided us with the privilege of helping shape the healthcare system here. We’ve proudly dedicated significant resources and innovations to the support of our community. We continue to invest in our facilities, top-of-the-line technology, and the clinical talent that will help further elevate healthcare delivery locally, without the need for patients to travel abroad for medical treatment. In alignment with this, the team of professionals at Integra brings years of experience and an impressive set of credentials to the DH family. We are genuinely excited to welcome them and what we can achieve together for our patients.”

Speaking about the future, Dr Francisco Martinez, Medical Director at Integra, said, “Integra has built an unrivalled reputation for care, delivered by a highly respected team. Primary care is the gateway to hospital services, and when patients need hospital care, that need is often urgent. This collaboration will help support improved speed and coordination of care for patients, ensuring that our patients are provided with a service that is truly extraordinary.”

Dr Sara Watkin, Consultant Paediatrician, Neonatologist, and Clinical Director of Care for Maternity and Paediatrics, added, “At Integra, we already have the Cayman Islands’ most comprehensive combined women’s and children’s service. We will now be able to co-develop these services hand-in-hand with Doctors Hospital, ensuring that maternity, neonatal, and paediatric care and facilities are designed and evolved with care quality, patient experience, and exceptional service at their heart. I am passionate about all of these dimensions, so this was just too exciting an opportunity to pass up.”

Andrew Vincent, Director at Integra, shared his perspective, “Our view has always been you can either lead the changes we need to see happening in healthcare or be subject to the changes others decide for you. We have always favoured the former, and notice the same tendency in Doctors Hospital too. DH is an organisation that has demonstrated tremendous resilience, an increasing commitment to the same ideals as Integra around quality and levels of care and has the financial resources and commitment to invest in best-in-class facilities and equipment, too. I believe we can do truly breath-taking things together that will benefit the entire population of Cayman. I know we have a combined team committed to and excited by the challenge of creating an enviable standard of care and services that is accessible to all and supports a healthy future for the Cayman Islands.”

The combined group puts primary care, office-based specialist care, diagnostics, urgent care, hospital medicine, and surgery within the same organisation, creating the Cayman Islands’ most comprehensive private healthcare group.

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About Integra Healthcare Ltd

Integra Healthcare Ltd is the largest non-hospital private clinic in the Cayman Islands, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, currently with 10 doctors across Women’s, Children’s and Family Medicine, with Dermatology. With a strong history in investing in latest technology, they were the first clinic in the whole Americas region to bring the latest Artificial Intelligence FotoFinder for assisting in the detection of Skin Cancer, as well as a new nanophotonic diagnostic technology platform to help in the fight against global pandemics. The practice is a champion for implementing evidence-based care and preventative, personalised medicine, built around 4 core values of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment & Passion.


About Doctors Hospital

As the leading private health care provider in Cayman, Doctors Hospital (DH) has been providing exceptional medical care to Cayman’s diverse communities for over 20 years. They are transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art medical, surgical, and diagnostic services backed by an experienced team of resident and visiting Principal List specialists. Guided by evidence-based clinical pathways and the highest international standards and practices, DH partners with patients to help optimise their health and live a vibrant, healthier, and longer life.

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