Integrity as a core value

21 Nov, 2020

Whereas all of our values are near and dear to Integra, it is perhaps integrity that we see as both a value and an unwavering commitment. You trust us with your health or your children’s health and that is a responsibility we are both humbled to be honoured with and passionate (another value) about doing the very best in (ha – Excellence, another value). But what does ‘integrity’ mean in a practical sense?

Honesty and transparency in ethical and financial conduct

This is deeply important to us. Obviously, as a basic standard, we respect your confidence in us by being completely trustworthy with both your health and your wealth, simultaneously. Confidentiality, probity and the utmost in ethical conduct is at the core of everything we do. How does that translate into care and service?

Confidence in Advice

We want you to be confident in the advice you receive and any place we may send you, depending on what you need. That means we’ll always share any relationships and connections, for instance, as well as discuss alternatives, so you can make informed choices.

It also means we provide what’s needed, without adding what’s not necessary. That means not over-ordering tests and considering carefully what treatments are necessary or advised.

Confidence in Financial Integrity

We are committed to charging transparently for our services, generally at Cayman standard fees (there are a few areas where we can’t but we’ll always tell you in advance). You’ll always know right where you stand and we’re always happy to explain anything.

We encourage all patients to ask professionals “do you claim only Cayman Standard Fees for my care, and if not, why not?”. There are instances where the Cayman Standard Fee Schedule doesn’t cover costs (because it hasn’t be updated in 16+ years and care has moved on our expanded in certain cases) but they are comparatively few. Providers with integrity should tell you if the care is going to be more than the standard fees. You shouldn’t get a surprise a few weeks later when something isn’t covered because a provider charged more than they were ever going to receive.

Doctors have a code

The code for doctors is called the CODE OF ETHICS & STANDARDS OF PRACTICE and it quite rightly places a responsibility on doctors to uphold professional standards, so that the public has confidence in doctors. We are passionate about its importance.

An example, is that doctors should not disparage other doctors. Where they do so for say the purposes of encouraging you to come to them instead, it is considered professional misconduct because it breaks the very core of trust. We encourage all patients who come across examples of a doctor disparaging the character or care of another doctor to ask themselves why that might be.

Ethics, probity and integrity is a topic we can talk about with great passion because of its importance to all doctors at Integra. As a team of Directors, we view this as a sacrosanct value. It’s in our DNA.

And we’d be happy to talk more if you are interested!

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Where is it going?

The graph shows the possible tracks according to the various models. At this stage, without a depression formed, you can pretty much pick a model to suit your viewpoint. The dark track in the middle shows the best fit, along with the pressure at various time points from now. This one is shows it reaching our distance at around 96+ hours. You can see it passes to the South but this is a best fit line not a prediction.

There are model collections showing a best fit line passing over Grand Cayman and another located to the North. They are just average positions and the real position is completely indeterminate at this point.

How Strong?

Again it is very uncertain but at 120 hours, 50% of predictions (7 out of 14) have it at TS or Category 1 level, and another 4 of 14 have it at Category 2. Only 3 of 14 have it above this level.

It is important to remember that the strength of any storm is based on a direct hit and the further away it goes past the lower it will be ‘for us’. Most of us will remember the Category 1 (just) direct hit last year, were created some flooding and a lot of mess to clear up but not very much damage.  50 miles way and you have a completely different picture.

The point is, we just need to watch it and start basic preparations. I will update when we know more.

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