IT Upgrades

26 Aug, 2022

Hi All

Quick update to say that we have no given the go ahead on the IT upgrades with Logic to a same day priority response fully managed service. This will do a number of things:

  • Strengthen the connections throughout
  • Provide dedicated immediate remote and on site support for any device connection issues e.g. printers
  • Ensure that the load the system can carry doesn’t cause IP address-related issues (part cause of current issues – we have grown!)
  • Provide clear responsibility and accountability (Logic to and including device connectivity, Integrity for all device & software related issues)

The installation of new hardware is planned for end of August or first week in September depending on supplies. Changes will be done out of hours to ensure minimum disruption. Major bits of change will be person-supported so we don’t come in to a new morning problem without support.

Best wishes, Andrew

Where is it going?

The graph shows the possible tracks according to the various models. At this stage, without a depression formed, you can pretty much pick a model to suit your viewpoint. The dark track in the middle shows the best fit, along with the pressure at various time points from now. This one is shows it reaching our distance at around 96+ hours. You can see it passes to the South but this is a best fit line not a prediction.

There are model collections showing a best fit line passing over Grand Cayman and another located to the North. They are just average positions and the real position is completely indeterminate at this point.

How Strong?

Again it is very uncertain but at 120 hours, 50% of predictions (7 out of 14) have it at TS or Category 1 level, and another 4 of 14 have it at Category 2. Only 3 of 14 have it above this level.

It is important to remember that the strength of any storm is based on a direct hit and the further away it goes past the lower it will be ‘for us’. Most of us will remember the Category 1 (just) direct hit last year, were created some flooding and a lot of mess to clear up but not very much damage.  50 miles way and you have a completely different picture.

The point is, we just need to watch it and start basic preparations. I will update when we know more.

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