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Malicious Commenting on Social Media

Although we know it comes with the turf of being a leading clinic in the Cayman Islands, we have faced multiple instances where individuals have left malicious comments on social media with the specific purpose of undermining us.

How do we know this? Is it because we just don’t like to hear things?

Malicious comments come from fake accounts. They are very easy to identify as they have next to no content (because they are just for this purpose), no common friends or contacts, very generic information etc. Essentially, they are quite easy to spot. However, we need to be clear that the activity they engage in is:


This is even more true if it turns out that the perpetrator is another health clinic i.e. competitor, as medical professionals and practices should be held to the highest ethical standards and are bound by a Code of Ethics explicitly forbidding being disparaging to colleagues. More importantly, you have to ask yourself if you want to trust your health to someone prepared to engage in illegal activity.

It is also a form of defamation, designed to adversely affect the financial performance of an organisation.

Consequently, our approach is to track and trace, and report what we find to the relevent authorities and boards.

Embracing Feedback

It’s important to differentiate between feedback (which is genuine, whether positive or negative) and malicious commenting (which is fake and undermining).

Integra absolutely embraces feedback.

Anyone who has got in touch to raise suggest or concern will know that we always respond and we respond positively. Feedback is a gift and the backbone of a learning organisation. In our experience, genuine feedback, from actual people, intended to cause improvement, is provided directly. We absolutely encourage individuals to contact us by email.

The other important reason for doing so is that it reduces the risks of someone being reported to the authorities for possible malicious activity, which we would never wish to do if the feedback is genuine.

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