New Women’s Health Suite Opens

Integra Healthcare Ltd opens dedicated Women’s Health Suite for its all-female Obstetrics & Gynaecology team


George Town, Cayman Islands, May 21, 2021 – Integra Healthcare Ltd announced today the opening of a new dedicated Women’s Health Suite for its rapidly growing Obstetric & Gynaecology Service, bringing purpose-designed facilities and a relaxing environment for its unique service.

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Dr Lisa Joels, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Integra commented, “Besides the state-of-the-art space and equipment, this now allows us to deliver a truly unique, combined pregnancy service that brings together tertiary obstetric care, fetal medicine and neonatal care, backed up by dedicated midwifery support during pregnancy and after delivery.”

The all-female team in the Women’s Health Suite consists of two UK-trained and qualified, tertiary hospital Obstetric & Gynaecology Consultants, a dedicated Midwife and Nurse, working seamlessly with the renowned Integra newborn paediatric consultants, to ensure a smooth pregnancy and beautiful experience, but with the back-up, teamwork and credentials necessary to deal with complications, and manage complex or high-risk pregnancies.

Commenting on the new consulting-treatment suites, Dr Madhavi Manoharan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, says, “Women’s health issues, especially gynaecology problems, are sensitive and require utmost privacy. It is wonderful to have spacious new suites, each with an ensuite toilet within them, allowing us to ensure dignified care in first-class facilities.”

The new suite boasts its own separate waiting room with complementary refreshments, multiple consulting room-treatment suites and dedicated nursing and midwifery rooms to allow for Integra’s enhanced pregnancy package of midwifery support, including prenatal and postnatal support well beyond what is typically available.

Allie Campbell, Integra’s midwife, explained, “I spent many years here as a doula before training and practising as a midwife in a busy London Teaching Hospital. I was aware of the lack of midwifery support in the private setting and how this affected women during their pre-natal and postnatal care. I am so excited about being able to delivery this in our new purpose-designed suite.”

Integra Healthcare Ltd is a practice devoted to Women’s, Children’s and Family Medicine, with Dermatology, and was established with the aim of raising the bar for what patients can expect from a healthcare provider. Dr Sara Watkin, Co-owner, Director and Consultant in Paediatric & Neonatal Care, explained the thinking, “From the outset, we wanted to establish fresh, purpose-designed facilities, whilst engaging clinicians from tertiary-level backgrounds, who were as committed as us to the practice of modern, evidence-based medicine. Our Women’s Health Suite represents a big investment in organising expert, multidisciplinary, team-based care, as it should be, which is why that is our motto.”

Dr Francisco Martinez, Co-owner, Director and a Family Medicine Physician, added, “GPs or primary care doctors refer women of all ages with a wide variety of gynae problems and we know they want a team they can trust with intimate and delicate issues, in a setting that is private and calming. I couldn’t be more delighted that we can now offer that, through an all-female team with facilities that enable them to deliver a truly holistic and high-quality service.”

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Integra Healthcare Ltd is a multi-specialty clinic focused on Women’s, Children’s & Family Medicine, with Dermatology, built around the four principles of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment & Passion. With 8 doctors, backed up by a highly qualified nursing-midwifery team of 7, it places a high value on a team approach, particularly important when facing unusual or complex conditions. This approach also ensures patients always have the back-up and holiday cover that comes from a team rather than an individual doctor, whilst still having that regular relationship with a specific doctor they trust. Integra is based out of beautiful Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with dedicated parking and ramp access for pushchairs or the less able. It has a strong safety ethos, a commitment to painless administration and state-of-the-art electronic patient record systems allowing online booking and direct communication.

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