Newborn Hearing Screening

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Most babies are healthy and won’t have any problems with their hearing. But for those babies who do have a hearing problem, the benefits of screening can be enormous. Finding out early can give these babies a better chance of developing language, speech, and communication skills. Book your newborn hearing screening in Cayman below.

Newborn Hearing Screening

Why Newborn Hearing Screening?

Early is Important

The earlier problems are identified, the better speech and language outcomes for your baby

Thriving Development

Hearing issues can impair social development and we want to avoid this for obvious reasons

Bonding & Interaction

You and your baby, learn and grow together, by interacting, through sounds and more.

Our Newborn Hearing Screening

The newborn hearing screening service from Integra helps identify babies in Cayman who have permanent hearing loss as early as possible and is part of our newborn services.

This means parents can get the support and advice they need right from the start.

Ideally, the test is done in the first 30 days, but it can be done at up to 3 months of age. The screening tests are quick and simple and won’t harm your baby in any way.

It is recommended that your baby has the tests, but you can decline them if you wish.

Meet Kalina

Hi Everybody,

I am Kalina and I conduct the actual newborn hearing screening, liaising with our team of experienced paediatricians in Cayman and ensuring the process is as swift, gentle and successful as possible. I am experienced at getting our little patients screened quickly, but there are things you can do to help too.

If possible, feed your baby shortly before the hearing test. Make sure you have everything you need to keep them comfortable and happy. Bring a swaddle in case they need settling and an extra bottle of milk if bottle feeding or be prepared to breast feed.

How Can You Book?

You’ll find online booking towards the end of this page, where you can simply select the best date and time, with live availability and instance confirmation.

You can email me too, at:


About the Screening Technology

The newborn hearing test is called an otoacoustic emission (OAE) test.

It takes just a few minutes and is done by placing small soft-tipped earpieces in your baby’s ears and gentle clicking sounds are played, which the OAE device measures the response to.

It’s not always possible to get clear responses from the 1st test. This happens with lots of babies, and does not necessarily mean your baby has hearing loss. Reasons can include:

  • your baby was unsettled when the test was done
  • there was background noise
  • your baby has fluid or a temporary blockage in their ear from delivery

What do we do if your baby does not initially pass?

If your baby does not initially pass the screen

In these cases, your baby will be offered a 2nd test. This may be the same as the 1st test, or we may need to do another type of newborn hearing screening available in Cayman called an automated auditory brainstem response (AABR) test.

The AABR test involves placing 3 small sensors on your baby’s head and neck. Soft headphones are placed over your baby’s ears and gentle clicking sounds are played. This test takes between 5 and 15 minutes. If the ABR test indicates further testing is needed, you will be referred to an audiologist for these tests.

Booking Your Baby’s Appointment

Hi Mum or Dad. This is a simple process. Select a date and time that is convenient, click onto Newborn Hearing Screening as the service and complete the details of your baby as the patient. When asked for contact information, you will use your email and mobile. You’ll get an email confirmation of the appointment but you can rest-assured it is booked. You’ll be sent a screening information leaflet and a short medical form to complete separately. That’s it.


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