Creating the most trusted & respected women’s, children’s and family health practice in Cayman, genuinely loved by both staff and patients, built on excellence, integrity, commitment & passion

This vision is really dear to our hearts. We formed Integra because we felt that Cayman needed a healthcare provider that served as a beacon for how healthcare should be (hence our adoption of the phrase ‘Healthcare as it should be’). As a group of professionals, we had all experienced otherwise at some point in time and none of us had found ‘as it should be’ by our standards. So, Integra was formed to change that and to create a working environment for clinical professionals and staff that really supported the very best healthcare delivery for patients.

We all strongly believe that providing healthcare is a privilege and a responsibility, with that responsibility encompassing how good an employer you are, as well as how well you deliver care. We wanted to create a company that the staff having nothing but praise for. We see our responsibility to you is met partly through our commitment to them. When they are happy and secure, you get the very best service, alongside the quality of healthcare itself.

By way of an example, a number of us have previously experienced finding ourselves without health insurance, where the employer hasn’t paid the bill, even though they have deducted the money from wages. Firstly, as patients, you want and need your doctor focused on you, not whether their own children will find themselves without cover if they trip on a curb at school and break a leg. Secondly, what does it say about a healthcare provider when the bill they choose not to pay is the one for… wait for it… healthcare! Lastly, besides the obvious legal infringement and letting down the staff in the most inappropriate manner, not paying the health insurance bill rather suggests that an organisation’s financial problems may be worse than than seems from the shiny outward appearance. This gives rise to a concern over what else isn’t being paid for (indemnity insurance? lab bills? safety equipment?). There are just some things that should never be compromised and the staff health insurance bill is one of them. It’s part of Integrity and it is part of Commitment.

Over the coming weeks, as we get a chance, we’ll expand on different aspects of those four guiding ideals or values, and why they are so important to healthcare. We want you to understand us and what makes us tick. Just like some of the healthcare issues we deal with, to understand a healthly environment you have to go further than just skin deep.

We are on a quest to raise the bar in healthcare in Cayman. We hope that by sharing what we are doing, you’ll have confidence in us and maybe even want to help us succeed. We look forward to sharing more.