Welcome to our Integra Apprentices

30 May, 2022

Integra Apprentices Commence Their Journey

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our 5 new Integra Apprentices this morning as they commence their journey into a rewarding and stimulating career in healthcare. Dr Francisco Martinez, Dr Sara Watkin, Cindi Roper and Vivian Zavala were joined by our lovely partners in the programme from WORC, Ms Kimon, Ms Sheena and Ms Raquel, to ensure that the apprentices now how much we are all looking forward to working together on their exciting journey.

The Integra Apprentices Programme is part of our commitment to ensuring that we grow more and more Caymanian healthcare staff and prepare them for a worthwhile and stimulating career. They will receive both on-the-job training and a formal, recognised professional qualification all whilst being paid throughout that journey.

Dr Francisco Martinez, one of the originating founders of Integra said “Good companies invest in staff and we wanted to do this from the very beginnings of careers by offering our Integra Apprentices Programme. Today is an exciting day after lots of work to get to this point.”

Dr Sara Watkin, another founder of Integra added “Today is all about the apprentices though. It’s a big day for them and we want them to know how much we are looking forward to seeing them grow and how committed we are to helping them.”

So, a warm welcome to Joyzel and Jeimy, who join us in a medical billing capacity and to Virginia, Layysha and Ashley who start their journey as Healthcare Assistants. We know you’ll do great and we’re very proud and humbled you’ve put your trust in us.


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