Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Testing

Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test

The Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test measures your antibody levels by type, including:


Antibodies to the wild-spike variant

Antibodies to the Omicron variant
Natural antibodies from a Covid-19 infection
This allows you to know whether you are likely to be protected or not and how long that protection might last.

But why is this information so important?


7 Compelling Reasons to Get Tested

Boosting is best but some are nervous about it

The immunity test is a great way to be confident about boosting, knowing there are no reasons why not, and good reasons why you should. You can also discuss any concerns with an independent, trusted doctor.

Are you a poor responder?

Some individuals are poor responders, developing few or no antibodies after vaccination. This makes you vulnerable because you think you are protected when not. Find out.

Are you still protected?

Your antibody levels, and thus your degree of protection against Covid-19, decrease over time. Testing in Cayman so far has found roughly 1 in 7 people are no longer adequately protected or very close to the Edge of Immunity. It’s important to know, in case you are that 1 in 7.

How fast is your protection waning?

Antibody levels wane quickly in some and more slowly in others. Testing allows you to discover whether your protection wanes more swiftly so you can take measures for extra protection.

When should you boost?

Boosting is vital for continued protection. Testing allows you to know that you can do so confidently and helps identify the few individuals with a highly sensitive, long lasting response where autoimmunity is a factor.

Do you have risk factors?

If you have risk factors for more severe Covid-19, it is even more important to ensure you have adequate antibody protection. Some individuals need even more boosters. It’s good to know.

Do you have vaccine anxieties?

Some are worried about the effects of vaccines, including rare autoimmune side effects in certain individuals. However, boosting is our best defence. Testing helps confirm you do not need to worry.

Taking Responsibility for your Health Protection

Every individual is different i.e. individual! Integra has always advocated for a personalised, patient-centric approach to care and treatments. With respect to Covid-19, there are many responses to vaccination, people develop different antibody levels, some don’t develop enough immunity, some have had the virus, some have had it and don’t know, others have risk factors for severe illness and almost nobody has any idea of what their degree of immunity is. At the same time, we know the vaccines are our best line of defence but that lots and lots of vaccination can also cause problems in a few susceptible individuals.

We need to learn to manage our health protection intelligently, not leaving ourselves vulnerable but acting sensibly towards our immune system too. We need to take responsibility for our health protection. And now we can, with a test that tells us so much, in just 7 minutes.

Covid-19 Immunity Status Profile from Attomarker Platform

Covid-19 Remains a Deadly Disease for the Unprotected

After the passage of time, information overload and everybody expressing opinions (as opposed to science), it’s so easy to be Covid-fatigued or complacent. Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, remains dangerous, especially for the vulnerable and the under-protected. Vaccination, vaccination-boosters and sensible risk management remain the best approach for minimising the risks of severe disease, hospitalisation, ICU admission and death. The data is undeniable, based on millions of reported patient episodes across leading global health systems.

Of course, no vaccine is perfect (no medication ever is and yet we take them with confidence daily), and we know that science is still catching up with Covid generally. All of this plays on the mind and it’s difficult to take decisions. Our approach is always to remain evidence-neutral and advise accordingly. We advocate vaccination and we advocate boosting, but we also advocate personalised medicine and making informed choices.

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(Debate welcomed, information valued, unsubstantiated extreme views or overt influencing are not)

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About the test process (please read)

Your Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test will consist of 4 components:
Health Information Questionnaire + Small Venous Blood Sample + The Test Itself (by our team) + Results & Health Guidance Consultation

Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to allow time for questionnaire & test.

Dr Francisco Martinez

Dr Francisco Martinez

Family Physician (General Practitioner)

Dr Martinez is a family health specialist with a Master in Assessment Medicine and extensive experience in family health and urgent care, geriatrics & palliative care, from Spain & UK. He moved to Cayman in 2012. Dr Martinez combines pragmatism and compassion in all he does.

Dr Beccy Deasey

Dr Beccy Deasey

Family Physician (General Practitioner)

Dr Deasey is a UK-trained family health specialist and urgent care doctor with extensive experiences as both practising physician and clinical lead from some of the UK's busiest centres. She has a specific interest in early diagnosis of & intervention in chronic diseases.

Uniquely You

You are unique. Every person's immune response to the various Coronavirus vaccines is unique. Unfortunately, some patients Attomarker has tested have not developed antibodies beyond key thresholds, or their antibody levels are declining more rapidly than planned.  Their protection from SARS-CoV-2 variants may be compromised.  Others are super-responders with long-lasting antibodies for whom additional boosters may create inflammatory auto-antibodies. This variation in response is why the Attomarker Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test is so important. Attomarker has proposed a blood antibody threshold that predicts levels of antibodies in the nasal mucosa - a key indicator of protection against infection. These and the technology itself are based on robust science and experience with antibody thresholds build up of many decades, antibodies and the diseases they are linked to.

Important note: Although this antibody immunity test is based on robust science to back up the findings in practise, immunity is complex and there are other factors that affect individuals or that may leave you prone to infection; please continue to exercise caution in the midst of the pandemic. Your test results are intended for guidance only, and are just part of taking informed decisions, which have many and wider inputs. Although we will do our utmost to provide insight on some of these wider factors or inputs, because of this individuality, neither Attomarker nor Integra Healthcare Ltd can accept any liability for behavioural decisions or actions following receipt of test results.

Additional reading for the scientifically minded:

For additional reading we recommend articles by Shaw et al. and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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