Midwifery Services

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Compassionate and sensitive care

To support and empower you and help creative a positive birth experience

Highly Trained & Experienced

Our registered midwife has a wealth of experience in midwifery and has over 10 years’ experience as a Certified Doula.

Non-judgmental and evidence based midwifery

For a range of antenatal and postnatal services for low-risk women and their families

What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a knowledgeable and skilled professional who compassionately cares for childbearing people, babies and families across the continuum of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early days of parenthood. Midwives specialise in normal physiological care. They work autonomously to promote positive outcomes and are ideally placed to anticipate and recognise any changes that may lead to complications and additional care needs. They work as an advocate to ensure that their care focuses on the needs and preferences of the birthing person and the needs of the newborn infant (NMC). A midwife provides support and unbiased and evidence based information so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you, your baby and your family.

Community Midwifery Services

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You can buy the antenatal package, the postnatal package or a combined package.
For more information, please get in touch by calling us at (345) 745-7450
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Low Risk Maternity Care

Book an appointment to see our Midwife, Allie at Integra if you think you are eligible for low-risk maternity care. She will be your main care provider throughout your pregnancy journey and provide you with excellent, knowledgeable and compassionate care. Based on the UK NHS guidelines she will see you at appropriate time intervals, assessing you and your baby’s health at every appointment. If any complications arise throughout your pregnancy, rest assured Allie works seamlessly with the multidisciplinary team at Integra. The correct referral will be actioned immediately giving you the reassurance you need.

Call Allie today to have all your questions answered and have a conversation about what the midwifery care pathway looks like.


Additional general antenatal package information

  • General help with being prepared for the first couple of weeks postpartum:
  • Expectations of sleep
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • How to feed in the first few days to maximize milk production
  • Normal baby blues
  • When to seek help if necessary
  • Tools to help set boundaries to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed

Additional general postnatal package information

  • Expert help and guidance managing mastitis, sore nipples, under/over production of milk
  • Help to build customised feeding plans to increase your own confidence, maximise your own rest and help baby gain weight in line with expectation
  • Learn to trust your own power of intuition!
  • Ways to soothe baby and keep calm yourself
  • Baby weigh in at home, provide clear parameters of normal weight loss and when to seek additional support
  • Check for jaundice
  • Assessment of baby and quick referral if results are out of normal parameters
  • A check in with mothers mental well being- referral system in place if mother is not coping or
    needs additional support
  • Wound check if required and/or wanted
You can buy the antenatal package, the postnatal package or a combined package.
For more information, please get in touch by calling us at (345) 745-7450
Nadine Yammine

Allie Campbell

Registered Midwife

Tel: +1 (345) 745 7475 (direct)
Email: [email protected]

Allie is a registered Midwife in both Cayman and the UK. She provides holistic and autonomous care for low-risk women and their families during pregnancy and postpartum in clinic. She also offers prenatal and postnatal care in the community with packages that include – preparation for birth, birth planning and preferences, colostrum harvesting, postpartum midwifery care and lactation/breastfeeding support.

For more information and to book your appointment, contact us at +1 (345) 745-7450


  • Individualised private antenatal classes (34-36 weeks)
  • 1-1 postnatal sessions in hospital to help you get off to the best start possible with breastfeeding.
  • Home visits
  • Infant feeding consults

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Clinic Location & Open Times

Integra Healthcare at BritCay House, 236 Eastern Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman.

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am first appointment, 4.30pm last appointment
  • Saturday: 8.30am first appointment, 12.30pm last appointment

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