Skin Cancer Screening

Integra Healthcare offers a comprehensive screening programme designed to identify skin cancers at the earliest possible stage, as well as ensuring at-risk individuals or those with suspicious moles are followed up on a schedule suited to their degree of risk. Early detection saves lives.


The Case for Early Detection

98% Survival

at 5 years post diagnosis if melanoma remains localised (early)

64% Survival

at 5 years if melanoma has spread to regional lymph nodes

23% Survival

at 5 years if melanoma has spread to distant parts of body (late)

Early Detection Saves Lives

The thought of any cancer is scary. But scarier is the difference between early and later detection. Identified early, where melanoma is localised and not too thick, 98% of individuals will be alive at 5 years post-diagnosis. This drops to just 23% survival when the cancer has spread to more distant parts of the body. This is our aim – the earliest possible detection. It saves treatment costs too, as earlier treatment is generally simpler treatment.

State of the Art Screening

We are privileged to have access to the very latest AI-driven skin cancer screening, called Automated Total Body Dermoscopy. The non-invasive scanning technique generally takes less than 15 minutes to comprehensively capture the whole body and identify specific moles that warrant a closer look. What’s more, after you have been scanned once, each subsequent scan not only looks at you anew but also compares these new images to the previous scan, reliably identifying moles that have changed.

Cost & Insurance

The maximum charge for Total Body Mole Mapping is $200.24 KYD and this may be covered by your insurance. The fees we charge are Cayman Standard Fees for this scanning procedure. Additionally, if the ATBM scan flags up moles for further investigation, separate charges may apply, although these are also generally covered by your insurance, and also at Cayman Standard Fee rates. We will always inform you of charges before you incur them.

Our Process

Step 1 - History
We will ask you to complete a short history form that helps us create a risk profile. This can be used to set an appropriate schedule going forward too.
Step 2 - Scan

Having taken a history, we will then conduct the simple, non-invasive full body scan, using our Automated Total Body Dermascopy FotoFinder, the very latest in AI-driven, body-mapping technology

Step 3 - Evaluation

If the total body scan identifies areas or moles that warrant further investigation, this will then be conducted by our dermatologist, either immediately or in a new appointment swiftly arranged.

Book Your Skin Cancer Screening Now

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