Newborn Services from Integra

Whether it’s your very first baby or the next addition to a growing family, Integra would be delighted to support you all the way. Newborn services is something we specialise in and there isn’t another newborn paediatric team on in Cayman with the accreditation, training & experience that we are privileged to have.

  • Only team with multiple paediatricians specifically trained & UK-accreditated in neonatal care
  • All paediatricians live within 5 minutes of George Town Hospital
  • Team is led by Dr Sara Watkin, formerly Neonatal Chief of Service for University College London Hospitals
  • Collectively, more than 30 years experience as UK paediatric & neonatal consultants

Dr Sara Watkin, Dr Jasmina Marinova & Dr Sarah Newton represent an extremely experienced team that can support you and your child from advice antenatal, through your delivery, baby checks, early care and all the way onwards to adulthood. First class care without paying a premium and reassuringly calm and competent when nature decides to test us.

More Information

Attending Your Delivery

We, Dr Sara Watkin, Dr Sarah Newton & Dr Jasmina Marinova, would be delighted to be your (well, your child’s paediatrician) from birth, right through to a bright future as a healthy young adult. As a team, we are unique in Cayman, being the practice with three UK- or Australasian-qualified & accredited newborn (neonatal) specialists, ensuring not only the right experience if nature throws a curve ball but also, as a team, providing you with the security of knowing we are here at the right moment.

We attend all types of deliveries and work closely with every private obstetrician in Cayman to provide the highest quality newborn services. Although we are all senior specialists, with exceptional credentials, our charges for attending delivery are actually comparable to others. We’d be delighted to be there for your special time.

Delivery Types Attended

Our attendance at delivery includes:

  • In normal deliveries, where the parents have decided they would like a paediatrician present (and that paediatrician to be one of us, obviously!)
    (in case of complications or for reassurance/ preference)
  • In caesarean sections, where having a paediatrician present is obligatory in Cayman (because of the increased complication rate)
  • Pretty much all complicated scenarios or preterm births occuring in private patients (Dr Watkin is the island’s primary neonatologist for private patients, also assisting the Government doctors when they want or need specialist expertise. She is joined by Dr Marinova & Dr Newton, also formally neonatal trained & accredited)

Having a paediatrician present, where not obligated, is a choice based on preference, comfort level and cost. You’ll want to talk to your obstetrician about this, and your paediatrician. We offer free antenatal appointments to discuss this from the paediatric perspective. Please just call us or complete the form below. We’d love to meet you.

Collectively, we spend a great deal of time in delivery suite at George Town, as well as the neonatal unit, for which we all have full admitting rights and fully up-to-date resuscitation training & skills.

Why Us?

As a Team

There are compelling reasons to choose a team generally (as opposed to a practice with only one paediatrician) and this team specifically.

Firstly, the primary reason why most choose to have a paediatrician present at birth, and why it’s obligated at caesarean sections, is because of unexpected complications. Given nature’s tendency to decide the timing, it’s very difficult for a single paediatrician practice to know for sure they’ll be available just when needed. With Integra, you will always have your chosen paediatrician in attendance whenever humanly possible, but on the occasions they may be off island (always planned & communicated), you have the reassurance they will have comprehensively handed over to their equally competent newborn-specialising paediatric colleagues.

Secondly, given the primary role of a paediatrician at delivery is to be on hand for newborn emergencies or complications, you’ll want to ensure that your paediatrician has the right credentials. In the UK, neonatal care is rarely provided by a more general paediatrician and instead is provided by newborn specialists, called neonatologists, or by paediatricians that have a special interest in neonatal care, both needing to be formally accredited in that specialist care by the GMC (on the specialist register). Our team consists of a lead neonatologist (Dr Sara Watkin, former Chief of Service for the one of the most specialist providers of preterm & newborn emergency care in the UK), and two highly experienced Paediatricians with a Special Interest in Neonatal Medicine (Dr Jasmina Marinova & Dr Sarah Newton), providing the highest quality newborn services in Cayman.

It’s a team literally without equal in neonatal care experience and formal training & accreditation.

Meet Our Paediatricians

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Sarah Newton

Dr Sarah Newton

Specialist General Paediatrician & Newborn Care