Newborn & Neonatal Care

“as it should be”

The Integra Newborn or Neonatal Team is the largest on Island, and the only one with multiple, tertiary-trained and accredited neonatologists able to care for the very smallest and sickest or newborn and preterm infants. We are unrivalled as a neonatal team in the Cayman Islands, putting your baby’s care in very safe hands.

Newborn Services

Why Choose Integra Healthcare?

Always Available & Accessible

This is critically important when moments count in emergencies

Tertiary Trained & Experience

From World-renowned centres and specifically in neonatology!

True Team Approach & Backup

Three team members, all neonatally-trained, always covered

The Essence of Integra Newborn & Neonatal Care

If ever there is a time when experience and expertise count, it is when facing challenges and unexpected issues in delivery. The true essence of the Integra Newborn and Neonatal (NICU) Care Team is just that, experience and expertise. All of our doctors have trained in neonatal tertiary centres of excellence, many of which are World-renowned care institutions with the highest standards of modern, evidence-based medicine. The team is lead by Dr Sara Watkin, Consultant Neonatologist of more than 25 years’ experience at consultant-level in UK tertiary centres, and Chief of Service in two of them! She, and the whole team, are absolutely passionate about ensuring a safe delivery, followed by exceptional early years paediatric care.


Newborn & Neonatal Services

  • Attending Deliveries (vaginal & C-sections)
  • Newborn Baby Checks
  • Support with Feeding Establishment
  • Newborn Screening & Immunizations
  • Immunizations to Cayman Immunization Schedule
  • American, Canadian and UK Immunization Schedules
  • Jaundice, Phototherapy & Advanced Care
  • Resuscitation & Immediate Care
  • Full Neonatal Intensive Care (from 23+ weeks)
  • Ventilation, Surfactant & Full Respiratory Support
  • Newborn Infections & Immunology Problems
  • Cranial Ultrasounds & Complex Diagnostics
  • Babies with Congenital or Genetic Conditions

1st Year of Life

  • Vaccinations, including Vaccination Advice
  • Well-Child Checks
  • Sleep Disorders & Sleep Counselling & Support
  • Feeding Issues & Food Intolerances
  • Food Allergies, including Peanut
  • Colic, Reflux & Silent Reflux
  • Developmental Concerns
  • Constipation, Diarrhoea & Bowel Issues
  • Rashes, including Diaper/Nappy Rash
  • Fevers, Temperatures & Infections
  • Seizures & Unusual Movements
  • Parental Concerns
  • Unsettled Baby


Team Approach

Whether it’s your very first baby or the next addition to a growing family, Integra would be delighted to support you all the way with our True Team approach to care. Newborn services is something we specialise in and there isn’t another newborn paediatric team in Cayman with the accreditation, training & experience that we are privileged to have.

  • Only team with multiple neonatal or newborn specialists, UK-accredited in neonatology
  • Team is led by Dr Sara Watkin, formerly NICU Chief of Service at University College London Hospitals
  • Always on-call and within minutes of the hospitals
  • Team approach means you are always covered

Dr Siobhan James, Dr Sarah Newton, Dr Tamara Bugembe, or Dr Zanele Balang represent an extremely experienced team that can support you and your child from advice antenatal, through your delivery, baby checks, early care and all the way onwards to adulthood. First class care without paying a premium and reassuringly calm and competent when nature decides to test us.

Attending Deliveries

We, Dr Sarah Newton, Dr Siobhan Jaques, Dr Rob Bomont & Dr Jasmina Marinova, would be delighted to be your (well, your child’s paediatrician) from birth, right through to a bright future as a healthy young adult. As a team, we are unique in Cayman, being the practice with three UK- or Australasian-qualified & accredited newborn (neonatal) specialists, ensuring not only the right experience if nature throws a curve ball but also, as a team, providing you with the security of knowing we are here at the right moment. We attend all types of deliveries and work closely with every private obstetrician in Cayman to provide the highest quality newborn services. Although we are all senior specialists, with exceptional credentials, our charges for attending delivery are actually comparable to others. We’d be delighted to be there for your special time.

We attend the following types of delivery:

  • Normal deliveries, where the parents have decided they would like a newborn paediatrician present (in case of complications or for reassurance/ preference)
  • Caesarean sections (C-Sections), where having a newborn paediatrician present is mandatory in Cayman (because of the increased complication rate)
  • Pretty much all complicated scenarios or preterm births occuring in private patients

Dr Marinova, Dr Rob Bomont & Dr Newton, both formally neonatal trained, representing a True Team for newborn care. We’d love to meet you and we offer free antenatal appointments to discuss deliveries from the paediatric perspective. Please just call on (345) 745 7450 or complete the form below and we’ll handle the rest.

Neonatologist Versus Paediatrician

Historically, newborn and neonatal care was performed by a paediatrician. However, the highly specialist nature of neonatal and preterm care means that in In the UK, neonatal care is rarely provided by a more general paediatrician and instead is provided by newborn specialists, called neonatologists. We have built a team of neonatal-trained staff, providing a medical care standard equivalent to the best centres in the world, something we are very proud of. The primary reason why most choose to have a paediatrician present at birth, and why it’s mandated at caesarean sections, is because of unexpected complications. Given nature’s tendency to decide the timing, it’s also very difficult for a single paediatrician practice to know for sure they’ll be available just when needed. With Integra, you will always have your chosen paediatrician in attendance whenever humanly possible, but on the occasions they may be off island (always planned & communicated), you have the reassurance they will have comprehensively handed over to their equally competent newborn-specialising paediatric colleagues. You have the reassurance of knowing your paediatrician has the right credentials. In the UK, that means being formally accredited in that specialist care by the GMC (on the specialist register).


Dr Siobhan Jaques

Dr Siobhan Jaques

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Siobhan Jaques is an experienced, tertiary-trained & accredited specialist neonatologist and paediatrician in Cayman, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with admitting rights at both CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town.


  • Attending all Delivery Types
  • Newborn Care & 1st Year of Life
  • Baby Checks & Immunizations
  • Neonatal Intensive Care from 23+ Weeks
  • Comprehensive Paediatrics from 0 – 18 Years
  • Well-child & Developmental Follow-up
  • School Medicals
Dr Sarah Newton

Dr Sarah Newton

Specialist General Paediatrician & Newborn Care
MBChB, FRACP (paeds), DCH

Born in New Zealand, Dr Newton is a general paediatrician with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, tertiary level trained in highly respected paediatric and neonatal centres in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Her specific interests include neonatal care, complex diagnoses and developmental follow up.


  • Newborn Care & Deliveries
  • Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)
  • 1st Year of Life Care
  • General Paediatrics
  • Development & Well-Child Services
Dr Zanele Balang

Dr Zanele Balang

Consultant Paediatrician
MBBS, DM Paediatrics
Dr Tamara Bugembe

Dr Tamara Bugembe

Consultant Paediatrician

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