Our Technology

Integra is privileged to have the very latest screening technology that marries Automated Total Body Photography and Dermoscopy, to create Total Body Dermoscopy, with built-in Artificial Intelligence to swiftly and reliably identify moles and other skin blemishes that require deeper evaluation. The new FotoFinder ATBM Master uses sophisticated camera technology and powerful image processing, to ensure dermoscopic structures are already visible in the clinical image. We are justifiably proud of the advance this brings to early skin cancer detection.


Swift & Accurate Total Body Scanning Process

Typically takes less than 15 minutes in total in-room time

Organises Moles by Risk Scoring Profile

Allows faster evaluation of suspect moles and blemishes

Captures Exceptional Image Detail & Quality

Facilitates assessment of skin areas in great detail

Total Body Dermoscopy

The new Total Body Dermoscopy workflow helps to find suspicious, new and changed moles much faster and more precisely than before and significantly reduces the examination time.

With extremely high-resolution, polarized and RAW-processed photos, it is now possible to assess the structure of moles in the whole-body image. The supplementary video dermatoscope medicam 1000s enables an extensive visual journey into the structures of the skin, enlarged up to 400 times – from full body to cell body, from dermoscopy to confoscopy!


Moleanalyzer pro®

The Moleanalyzer pro supports our dermatologist in the evaluation of lesions in many ways, supported by FotoFinder artificial intelligence (AI). Moleanalyzer pro analyzes melanocytic as well as non-melanocytic skin lesions and calculates an AI Score for mole risk assessment, based on a Deep Learning algorithm that is continuously fed with new data. In the study “Man against machine” (University Hospital of Heidelberg, Holger Haenssle et.al.), the FotoFinder algorithm achieved impressively high results in sensitivity and specificity and was able to compete with experienced physicians.


  • Analysis and measurement of structures
  • Image comparison with quantification of changes
  • Evaluation on the basis of the current checklists
  • Mole risk assessment with artificial intelligence

FotoFinder Bodyscan

The Bodyscan ATBM has redefined the comparison of baseline and follow-up images. The fully automatic, integrated expert system detects changed and new lesions already during image acquisition.

Consequently, the Bodyscan helps us to identify malignant changes as well as “de novo” melanomas at the earliest possible stage.

For double safety in early skin cancer detection!


Our Process

Step 1 - History

We will ask you to complete a short history form that helps us create a risk profile. This can be used to set an appropriate schedule going forward too.

Step 2 - Scan

Having taken a history, we will then conduct the simple, non-invasive full body scan, using our Automated Total Body Dermascopy FotoFinder, the very latest in AI-driven, body-mapping technology

Step 3 - Evaluation

If the total body scan identifies areas or moles that warrant further investigation, this will then be conducted by our dermatologist, either immediately or in a new appointment swiftly arranged.

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