Discover the Beautiful Cayman Islands

Explore living and working in our inspirational location









Discover the Beautiful Cayman Islands


Great Location

The beautiful Cayman Islands are a modern yet Caribbean, business-friendly, sun-drenched destination less than 90 minutes from Miami, with an emphasis on work-life balance and a cultural and culinary scene that is second to none in the Caribbean.

  Welcoming People

  First Class Facilities

  Exceptional Hotels

  Convenient Accessibility

  Vibrant Economy



Great Place to Live

Active culinary and cultural scene, abundant leisure options with an emphasis on the beautiful outdoor environment, and a healthy emphasis on work-life balance all serve to make the Cayman Islands a destination that is truly stimulating.

  World Class Cuisine

  Healthy Living

  Abundant Leisure

  Excellent Schools

  Extensive Cultural Scene



Indescribable Oceans

The Cayman Islands are one of the World’s great diving centres and for good reason. Our marine environment is second to none, with abundant wildlife at every turn. Swim with turtles (straight off the beach), snorkel, dive and interact. Inspiring.

  Swim with Turtles from Spotts Beach

  Unbelievable Snorkeling

  Shore, Reef & Wreck Diving

  World Class Fishing

  Fabulous Boating



Explore the Islands by Video

The following video is produced by one of the major developers on Island but gives you a feel for both the business environment and the living environment.


We’d like to discuss some practical things too. It’s easy to get carried away by the pictures because it is a truly special place.


We have a new International Airport, with direct flights from London (1-hour stopover in Nassau, Bahamas) on BA. We also have very easy access through the US, with up to 5 flights per day to Miami, as well as flights to Charlotte, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, New York and more). There are 55 flights per week from the Island. We are not isolated!


Like anywhere, it does depend on where you choose to live. Both practice owners live in ocean-side locations, which raises costs, obviously. Seven Mile Beach area is the most expensive. Rent is comparable to nicer areas of London but tax-free status has to be taken into account. If you adjust for that then rents compare very favourably.

When we (Dr Sara Watkin & family) moved here, we rented in the Seven Mile area, in a development called King’s Court, Britannia. It’s a lovely development, well-built, with tennis and a great pool, lots of green and by one of the canals (which have direct access to North Sound). It’s right in the heart of the Seven Mile corridor, close to restaurants and walking distance of the beach. It’s also walking distance of our clinic!

A 4-bedroom, very spacious condo here will cost around $4,800 KYD per month, which might feel expensive until you consider it against tax-free earnings. We were really happy here and only moved because we wanted to purchase. You can rent ocean-side, facing west for sunsets, from around $3,500 KYD per month.

Finding the right place is something we would assist with.


The cost of living in Cayman is high compared to many places because literally everything has to come by boat. However, the standard of living is excellent. As you might expect, seafood is everywhere and we have excellent produce, meats etc. Everybody in Cayman loves their food. More importantly, we have time to enjoy it. We sit out most nights and relax over some nice fish & salad. By way of a comparison, the following may help, based on comparison with a major UK city:

  • Weekly grocery shopping +60% compared to UK
  • Good restaurants + 40% compared to UK (excluding wine)
  • Fuel – 15% compared to UK (yes, it’s cheaper!)
  • Beer, Coffee etc +20% compared to UK
  • Clothing +50% compared to UK (like for like quality)
  • Phones, Internet etc + 70% compared to UK

However, that has to be weighed against zero taxation, which would instantly more than double even a like-for-like take home pay compared to the UK, before our higher earnings package is even considered. Consequently, in a professional level of position, it would be virtually impossible not to see a very significant improvement in standard of living.


This is where Cayman comes into its own. Not only do we have a wonderful climate alongside a beautiful outdoor environment, we are blessed with a very buoyant economy, UK-based legal structure (including UK protection as a British Overseas Territory) and one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of the Caribbean. Half the population doesn’t even lock its cars!


We moved here with our youngest son, just as he was starting his GCSE two years, and so schooling was important to us. We have a number of good private schools (expat children cannot attend Government schools) and children are able to follow either a US or a UK curriculum. The school fees compare extremely favorably to the UK (i.e. are generally less), even more so when tax-free status is considered too. The standard of education in the three main private schools is excellent. Our son has now just completed A-levels and is heading back to UK to study Maths in a Russell-Group University. If you wanted to explore schools, the three main ones are:

Some children in 6th Form go to boarding schools in the UK (and elsewhere) but certainly not for education standard reasons. It really comes down to personal choice. Our son was adamant he wanted to do his A-levels here.

We do not have a formal university here, and so most expat children return to the UK for university.


For a 22-mile island, it is actually difficult to describe just how much there is going on. Because our expat population is significant, there is an abundance of cultural, sporting and entertainment opportunities that go far beyond the more holiday-orientated activity. What sets it apart though is having the work-life balance to enjoy these things too.

We have been here since mid-2016 and in that time, we have fallen in love with an island that is beautiful and unique, with a wonderful culture and incredible people. It’s Western enough that you won’t miss any creature comforts and yet completely Caribbean too, resulting in a really healthy attitude to life, well-being and each other. We love the time we spend with friends, whether it’s a drink after work over sunset or days out on a boat. It’s a very social place and also very gentle. If you like a sense of community, we don’t think there is anywhere quite like it and it has literally become part of our soul. View our careers today.