Inauguration of New Women’s Health Suite at Integra Healthcare

Inauguration of New Women’s Health Suite at Integra Healthcare
June 16, 2021


Honourable Minister for Health and Wellness, Ms Sabrina Turner MP, Inaugurates New Women’s Health Suite at Integra Healthcare

George Town, Cayman Islands, June 10, 2021 – Integra Healthcare Ltd had the pleasure of the company of the Honourable Minister for Health & Wellness, Ms Sabrina Turner MP, to mark the inauguration of its brand-new Women’s Health Suite, purposefully designed to help address the unique needs and challenges associated with women’s health.

The inauguration event took place at the Integra Healthcare facility located within The Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre on West Bay Road, and was attended by just over 70 people, representing healthcare and wellness professionals, patients, women in business and others.

The opening of the Women’s Health Suite marks a major milestone in Integra’s vision to combine state of the art facilities with tertiary, multidisciplinary teams, working seamless together, with access to the latest equipment and techniques. Commenting on this, Minister Turner said; “My Ministry understands that it is critical that the Cayman Islands be able to compete. When we continue to boast modern facilities within well thought out accommodation such as this, I am proud to say we are definitely in the game”.

Dr Sara Watkin, Director & Co-owner of Integra Healthcare Ltd, stated; “We never forget how privileged we are to be here [in the Cayman Islands], and as such, it is vitally important to consider not what we gain from being here, but what we have the capacity to give. We wanted to give the island a healthcare practice that offered the very best of modern, up-to-date healthcare, with the latest equipment, in purpose-design facilities, run by what I can only say is my personal dream team.”

Emphasising the importance of the team, she explained; “If team matters when you have every facility and back up in the world, just imagine how important it is when you are 500+ miles from the nearest major centre. That applies to pregnancy, to gynaecology and to all aspects of Women’s Health, from the youngest patients to the more senior ones.”

Speaking about the new facility specifically, a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Integra commented, “it’s a space designed for the unique needs and challenges of delivering women’s health, which spans all ages, and encompasses both some of life’s happiest moments and some of life’s most sensitive and difficult challenges. Those women and that spectrum of care deserves a suite designed and fit for that purpose. As a separate space, with its own waiting area, it offers privacy away from other services and a calm environment for what can sometimes be stressful and very personal visits. The clinic rooms are also designed to give women privacy and respect during intimate examinations and procedures, for instance with ensuite bathrooms.”

The all-female team in the Women’s Health Suite consists of two UK-trained and qualified, tertiary hospital Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultants, including one accredited in fetal medicine, a dedicated Midwife and Nurse, working seamlessly with the renowned Integra newborn paediatric consultants, to ensure a smooth pregnancy and beautiful experience, but with the back-up, teamwork and credentials necessary to deal with complications, and manage complex or high-risk pregnancies.

In gynaecology, the Women’s Health Team is experienced in general gynaecology, gynaecology surgery, including minimally invasive surgery, child and adolescent gynaecology, colposcopy and fertility. Each of these scenarios brings unique needs and demands a holistic approach, which the new facility is designed to address.

Rounding off the inauguration, and referring to Integra’s values, Minister Turner confirmed how her own Ministry team “equally share in the values of excellence, integrity, commitment and definitely passion. For these reasons and more, we are motivated by the opening of this state-of-the-art facility and to watch it further position the Cayman Islands as a leader and innovator in the medical arena, as well as to bring much needed access to our own women.”

More information about the New Women’s Health Suite at Integra Healthcare Ltd can be found at: /womens-health-suite/

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Integra Healthcare Ltd is a multi-specialty clinic focused on Women’s, Children’s & Family Medicine, with Dermatology, built around the four principles of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment & Passion. With 8 doctors, backed up by a highly qualified nursing-midwifery team of 7, it places a high value on a team approach, particularly important when facing unusual or complex conditions. This approach also ensures patients always have the back-up and holiday cover that comes from a team rather than an individual doctor, whilst still having that regular relationship with a specific doctor they trust. Integra is based out of beautiful Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with dedicated parking and ramp access for pushchairs or the less able. It has a strong safety ethos, a commitment to painless administration and state-of-the-art electronic patient record systems allowing online booking and direct communication.

For more information, contact:

Andrew Vincent
The Grow Group Ltd, on behalf of Integra Healthcare Ltd
+1 (345) 749 7823

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